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The Investment Process

Wealth Management Designed for You

At Summit Financial Wealth Advisors, we understand that each investor is different and that's why our process starts with you. In order to create a tailored financial experience, we start by understanding your values and the type of lifestyle you look to retain or achieve. Our team will then create a portfolio that is designed without bias in order to pursue those goals. 

Your Values

An important first step to wealth management is understanding your values. Why is this so important? Because usually, values never change. If you value family, giving to charity, or the smell of an ocean breeze, knowing your values gives our team insight about who you are and what type of lifestyle you're looking to fulfill. 

Your Goals

Similar to values, your individual goals are unique to you but the difference is, your goals will change. When life happens, scenarios that were relevant before, may no longer be a priority in the future. Our professionals advocate for constant communication and regular reviews to ensure your portfolio properly aligns with your goals.  

Your Risk Tolerance & Expectations

The way people think about money and their tolerance towards the fluctuation of money is unique to each investor. Understanding the amount of volatility you are comfortable with while also having you define your expectations, sets up a cohesive and clear relationship right from the start.  

The Economic Landscape

After establishing your values, goals, and expectations, the final ingredient in the Investment Process is the ongoing research and monitoring of the global economic landscape. Prudent research is the way Summit's Investment Committee creates investment models designed for the diverse lifestyles and goals of our clients. Our investment selection process will always be an unbiased process while making decisions based on your best interest.