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Step 1. Interview client to determine if their goals are mutually compatible with our philosophy of investing with an objective of reasonable returns without undue risk.

Step 2. Determine which of our model portfolios would help to achieve the client's goals.

  • Growth - Invested for potential long-term growth using our value investing style primarily in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).
  • Growth/Income - A more balanced approach invested as above plus using fixed income for a significant percent of the portfolio to potentially lower the risk/volatility.
  • Equity Income - Invested in dividend paying stocks and preferreds.
  • Income - Invested in fixed income securities such as bonds, preferred stocks, mutual funds and other income paying investments.

Since each client's portfolio is separately managed, it may or may not be similar to another client with the same objective.

Step 3. Each client is assigned to a partner of the firm as a primary contact in addition to a client service manager and a portfolio manager.

Step 4. Portfolio manager will begin investing client's funds on a discretionary basis according to their objectives and the model chosen.  This process may take up to six months to complete depending on market conditions.

Step 5. Portfolio will be constantly monitored and adjusted as necessary according to the risk model we use.  This model indicates to us times of potentially high and low risk economic and market conditions.  For some, but not all, client portfolios, we may attempt to be fully invested during times when the model indicates lower risk, and may hold larger positions in cash and short-term investments during times of higher risk according to the model.


  • David Daniel - Portfolio Manager
  • Fred Werner - Portfolio Manager
  • Michael Pharr - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional
  • Todd Lambert - Mutual Fund/Annuity Specialist
  • Suzette Broussard - Equities Trading
  • Alida Kirtley - Fixed Income Trading
  • Donna Wright - Annuity/Life Insurance
  • Laina Simon - Performance Analysis